A new chapter:
April 17, 2015 is the day that ended of our Odyssey in Stamford Superior Court to expose the person responsible for Nick’s death. That day, one year ago, the Delinquent admitted under oath that “his actions were responsible for Nick’s death”.

April 17 is a watershed day for our family and our community. The seven years it took to reach that day were an overwhelming challenge for our family that we could not have done without the broad swell of support from our family and community, including the creation of this website. Since the website’s inception we have grown to understand that these life changing events never end for those it touches. Therefore, we decided to commemorate this anniversary by beginning a new phase on this portal, by this updated post and starting a new way to remember one of our greatest loves of our lives, Nick.

Appreciating that new posts continue to come in, from those who have been affected by this odyssey we feel obligated to allow this forum to remain open to serve that purpose. All previously printed news articles covering the progress on Nick’s homicide investigation case remain accessible under “news articles”, as well as court documents made available through the civil court proceedings under “documents”.

This site remains open to emphasize Nick’s life and love of family and friends and the support that our community has given us. In addition, this site allows the information it holds to remain in the public domain. We feel strongly that the truth can set you free, and if the information on this website could prevent another potential life changing event from taking place, we want that information available.

In addition, we formally announce that funds received by the Wilton Land Trust in Nick’s name will now be actively used to continue trail enhancements and connections between open spaces in Wilton. This is to provide additional opportunities for kids, their family and friends to get outside and enjoy the woods and open spaces in our town. We shall be planning annual hikes, trail enhancements and opportunity to get out of doors in Nick’s name. Specific projects will be announced on this website later this year.


  1. Standup4nick says:

    This is a new feature of the website.
    Please write your comments and let us know what you are thinking. There are lots of ways to help move this case along: first, talk about it. Spread the word and bring more people to help support the family and bring the truth to light!

  2. Susan says:

    They will never have closure. They lost their son. Period.
    The truth will eventually come out. It always does. The people
    are being silent because they don’t want to take responsibility for
    their actions which may have caused the death of an innocent young man.
    I feel sorry for Kate Parisot.

    • Standup4nick says:

      Thank you for posting, Susan. You are right, they lost their son. But perhaps not “period”? Because Nick’s death was caused by the actions of (an)other(s), the family would have some closure if they knew what happened and why, if those people stood up and said ” this is what happened.”The purpose is not vengeance. It is truly closure. Can you imagine the relief that would occur if those who were responsible came forward? Owned up to their actions? It would not bring Nick back, but that piece of the story would be at rest–there would be no more chasing the truth, no more anquish of knowing but not knowing. These are parents who loved their boy ‘to the moon and back’. They will never stop seeking the truth–how could they? How can they? This was their boy, and he died in the woods and somebody made it happen. The truth DOES set people free–all of them. The people responsible would no longer be carrying around that intolerable secret, knowing as they must on some level that running away compounded the already horrible situation, that they ARE responsible. The guilty heart is not a free heart, no matter where it runs. These people will be suffocated by their secret and the effort to conceal what they know they should reveal. They could begin to make peace with themselves, to move forward with some honor in their lives, knowing they have given the Parisots the only thing left to make amends –the truth, the public acknowledgment, and the personal courage it would take to do that.

  3. Robknapp says:

    Happy Thanksgiving Kate, Rick and Michelle.

    Eun Soo & Rob Knapp

  4. MXEditor says:

    What is happening here? Have any headway been made?

  5. Kristen says:

    Thinking of you today & every day! May you feel the warmth of the community’s arms around you!

    With Love,

    kristen b

  6. Andy Gundell says:

    Kate, Rick, MIchelle,
    As always, our thoughts and prayers are with you–and especially today.
    Wishing you all a peaceful Thanksgiving.
    Andy, Carolyn, Amanda Gundell

  7. Lars Cherichetti says:

    We thought of Nick today as we ditched the pasture meadow at my parents place. We had to replace the long filled culvert. It has been a wet year. The sheep would have had no problem crossing the wet spot but, with no sheep, we have to mow. The tractor would of course be up to its axles in no time.

    Henry went through two changes of clothes in the muddy ditch, sending wild apples floating down the freshet. We will be back at it tomorrow. These are the times we think about Nick.

    Lars, Alexis, Helen, and Henry

  8. Standup4nick says:

    Tomorrow, the Today show will host John Moxley and his mother, and they will make reference to Nick’s case, as “Truth for Nick”. The Moxleys have been warm and very helpful friends to the Parisot family, and this opportunity for national exposure is huge. All of us who support the Parisots and their quest for truth about Nick’s death, are enormously grateful to the Moxleys.
    To those who may know something…listen– and know that while you cannot bring Nick back, you can ease the suffering of the family by sharing the truth. The truth WILL set you free.

  9. Mparisot13 says:

    Here is the video from the Today Show,
    John did not have the opportunity to mention Nick during the interview but I can relate to everything John and his mother say during the interview.


  10. Sean says:

    Never forget! We need more momentum.

  11. Carey says:

    I support the Parisots and SUFN. I would like to do whatever I can to help uncover the truth about what happened on that June day four years ago.

  12. Sean says:

    Is there any status change in this case?

  13. Iamsuzystar says:

    Nick was a wonderful young man that deserves justice for his untimely death…please re-post so we can bring attention to his case and bring justice for Nick!

  14. I hope your family recieves the closure and justice that it so greatly deserves. My heart goes out to you after reading about what had happened… In time justice will be served.

  15. Standup4nick says:

    Coming up on the fourth anniversary of Nick’s death, and still no resolution, although there has been some activity toward that end, but progress is slow and frustrating.
    This is always a difficult time of the year for the family. Please show them your support!

  16. Sean says:

    Is there any progress at all? Are the perpetrators being brought back to answer questions? Just what s going on?

    Anyone know?

  17. Brooke and Jack Disbrow says:

    Kate, Rick and Michelle……Please know we are always
    thinking of you especially this month…..love,
    Brooke, Jack and Eirinn

  18. Dtroesken says:

    Where is this family in California? I’ll go have a word with them for you.

  19. Nelaya21 says:

    My name is Arnela Ten Meer and I’ve been spending some time with the youth group at the UUwestport church. Even though I never met or spent time with Nick I am thinking about your family and am sorry for your loss.

  20. Suzan says:

    You ask why certain people won’t talk. I imagine it’s because they are afraid of being judged and condemned by the community. For sure they are suffering in their own way from the guilt and remorse of their actions. I find it difficult to believe they planned this boy’s murder. Imagine making a mistake like that – you’d be devastated and haunted by it the rest of your life. Do you think they will do it again? I don’t think so. Are they dangerous? I don’t think so. Do they need to be punished more than they are from their own conscienses? What good will it do anyone, really, to find them? I’m not in his parents shoes so I cannot know how they are feeling. I can only feel from the perspective of my heart. I would never condone their behavior. I do believe in grieving, compassion, forgiveness and healing. I wish deep peace to the family.

    • Uncle Cary says:

      Suzan, you are a liberal idiot. This kid, Tully Knight, strung a rope tied between 2 trees knowing 2 boys would come back the other way later that day on their dirt bikes. Did he intend to kill my beloved nephew Nick? I don’t think so. Did he intend to hurt one of the boys on the bikes? Most likely “yes.” Does he deserve a similar fate as Nick? Damn right he does. He and his weasel parents are hiding in Placentia, California. They are not grieving on a daily basis. The scum that they are, are living comfortably in their home, while my nephew Nick is no longer with us. One day the Knight family will get what they deserve. Grieving, compassion, forgiveness, and healing for the Knight family – NEVER!

    • Jordan Scott says:

      Suzan ,

      You make assumptions … conscience, compassion, forgiveness, healing.

      Except that the family in question is not:
      … acting as if they have a conscience,
      … are not showing their own compassion,
      … are not asking for forgiveness,
      so how could they possibly go through a healing process “hiding in denial”.

      Only the Parisots here have the right to forgive, if they want.

      But forgive what? No one has admitted wrong, no one has said I am sorry, no one has expressed remorse. What’s wrong here is no one has taken accountability for their own actions.

      I speak from experience – I too lost a son too, Jared Scott, 14 years ago in an accident that was ’caused’ by someone.

      My best to the Parisots, and long live your good memories of Nick.

      Jordan Scott

    • janet4885 says:

      Compassion and forgiveness can come only after someone has provided information. I’m someone in the healthcare field, and I know that until ANY of the individuals who participated in this incident come forward and do some explaining, THEY will be in a prison of their own making. It will actually make them sick…knowing and not doing anything. And parents who encourage and condone this withholding…you aren’t doing your children any favor. This is what you are teaching them…that lying or withholding is a very permissable, appropriate way to go forward in life. YES, it is hard sometimes to do the right thing! What a HUGE shame it is that the parents think that they are protecting their children…when it is just the opposite. Their arrogance in thinking that they are above the law…above what is “the right thing to do” – will come back to bite them over and over. I feel sorry for those children who have had to “stuff” this down – the garbage gets more rotten in the container the longer the container is closed!
      And, kids, if you are 18, I believe you are able to come forward yourselves as adults. If a criminal decision has been made, it will be best if you come forward anyway. This is actually to save yourselves as well as bring clarity to the incident.

  21. Murphygm says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with your family.

  22. Sean says:

    Suzan, It was not a mistake, all the evidence shows this. This tactic of stringing ropes/wires across trails as well as booby-traps, hidden pits, etc. are well documented tactics used by Earth First – take a look here – http://www.mega.nu/ampp/efdm/efdm.html

    Are they dangerous? Well I would say yes, I have no idea why you would say they aren’t. That’s just misguided and does not serve you well.

    Read up before you post.

  23. Monica Rix Paxson says:

    I was just remembering a biking incident when I was a child decades ago. The neighborhood bully stuck a broom handle in the spokes of my wheel and I went speeding by immediately stopping the bike and throwing me into the air. Fortunately, I got away with bruises and scrapes, but it is easy to image it could have been worse. The child who did this to me clearly had bad intentions, but I seriously doubt that he’d completely thought through the consequences of his action. Children (especially boys I suspect) think that the real world works like it does in cartoons. It takes a level of maturity that escapes many until well into our twenties to be able to understand both how physics works and to have the impulse control required to resist temptation when opportunity arises. While I may be wrong, and I support the sharing of information, I think that Kate and Rick Parisot must be ready to face the sad reality that life on Earth is a risky business and young people make terrible mistakes, sometimes with fatal consequences. Bless everyone involved.

    • Standup4nick says:

      Thank you Monica. Your story is one that many probably have from their childhoods, and sadly bullies have been part of childhood for centuries. Recent awareness of the effects and horrible consequences from bullying has hopefully moved the needle towards eliminating it and removing this scourge from the young.
      While you escaped with cuts and bruises, we know that Nick did not escape, and while your comments are wise and thoughtful, it is the absence of accountability that has compounded the pain in this case, and that is intolerable and unjust. If it was a prank gone horribly, irreversably wrong, then how on earth can someone with any conscience at all justify disappearing, lawyering up and pretending that nothing happened? This, we think, is the most egregious crime of all– and this is the parents’ crime. Protecting your child is one thing, but to what end? Are the rights of the suspects greater than the rights of the victim because they are children and this could have been an accident? Does that give them the right to be silent, to avoid accountability? where are the rights of the victim?
      Doing the right thing would go a long way towards creating resolution for all involved.

    • Lori says:

      I cannot let this go. I am a very close friend of Kate and Rick. Before you post it might do you well to consider that they may be much more aware of the fragility of life than you know. Your statement that they must be ready to face that ‘the sad reality of life on Earth is a risky business’ etc. is cold and sophomoric. I think your intended sharing of your ‘wisdom’ would be better served in a general psychology class. It’s smacks of self-aggrandizement and lack of understanding.

      Also, thank you to the people involved with this site. It is such a great source for connectedness for those of us who love and respect this family.

  24. Veglady says:

    We miss Nick, ALL the time, Love Annie

  25. Standup4nick says:

    The support this month has been wonderful, and needed. Tomorrow would have been Nick’s 18th birthday. Enough said.
    Please write your comments here or on the Facebook page (Stand Up for Nick), and pass this info along to everyone.

  26. Shiggs104 says:

    Really hits home. Today is also my son’s birthday and he turns 14 – same age that Nick would have that year!

  27. Mwallace says:

    As I drove by the cairn on Millstone today, I said a prayer for Nick and for his family. I never met Nick but my daughter was his classmate.

  28. realist says:

    Who’s to say the boy didn’t tie those strings in order to play with his friends as some game. I do happen to know that the Knight family had planned on moving years before the whole ordeal happened an that the young boy did NOT tie those ropes to the those trees. How dare you criticise this poor family like that. Sure I feel bad for Nick but you’re probably putting the Knight family through a whole lot of hell. Do we not remember that in the American court system, It’s INNOCENT until proven guilty. So until the case is closed you all should hush up and watch in the side lines. I hope you find the justification you’re looking for, but, I hope that the court finds the Knight boy innocent.

    • Sean Goulart says:

      >>Who’s to say the boy didn’t tie those strings in order to play with his friends as some game.

      I say it, the police say it, the victims family says it, the evidence says it…only you seem to deny it. And what do you base that on? Have you examined the evidence?

      >>I do happen to know that the Knight family had planned on moving years before the whole ordeal happened an that the young boy did NOT tie those ropes to the those trees.

      And just how do you know that?

      >>How dare you criticise this poor family like that.

      How dare we? This is America, we have the right to say what we believe is the truth. Just like you have the right to come on here and spew this nonsense.

      >>Sure I feel bad for Nick but you’re probably putting the Knight family through a whole lot of hell.

      And what “hell” are they going through? Do they wake up every day and realize their little boy is no longer on this Earth? No. And why do you feel bad?

      >>Do we not remember that in the American court system, It’s INNOCENT until proven guilty.

      So if he’s innocent, let them prove it.

      >>So until the case is closed you all should hush up and watch in the side lines.

      No, we won’t stand down, we’ll Stand Up For Nick.

      >>I hope you find the justification you’re looking for, but, I hope that the court finds the Knight boy innocent.

      Very wishy-washy statement.

      Sean Goulart


      • Frederick Crowe says:

        Knight was found guilty. He was also compelled to admit his guilt for the public record. I find the whole incident with the Knight family’s lack of responsibility, lack of remorse and lack of decency highly immoral and perhaps even amoral. The whole incident reminds me of the Ethan Couch travesty.

    • Standup4nick says:

      Dear Realist,
      Your passion suggests that you are close friends with the Knights, and as such, of course want to defend them. But you are sadly misguided. Your passion should be directed towards finding the truth–and encouraging the Knights to participate fully, to provide all the answers and details that are in question, openly and honestly. The evidence, NOT public opinion, is what has lead the police to consider the now 17-year old young man a suspect.
      Public opinon is universally in favor of uncovering the truth–whatever it is, so that the Parisots can move on to healing. That is the only message that the hundreds of members of SUFN have communicated, and the one that is our purpose. As a community, we ache for the Parisots in their loss, but also in their lack of closure. And Nick. What of Nick? Doesn’t he deserve the truth? This joyful, happy, adventurous 13-year old lost his life in the woods because of something another person (or persons) did. He didn’t run into a tree, or go off a cliff, he ran into a rope that SOMEBODY PUT THERE. He was 13 years old. A victim, of…what? A horrible prank? Vicious bullying? Stupid, bad choices on the part of very young children? More bad choices, followed by more and more bad choices?? Whatever it is, pretending it’s not that will not change the truth. Whoever is responsible for this knows it, and until it’s revealed, that secret will always be there, festering and threatening to burst open the dam.
      Without the truth, there is no forgiveness, and without forgiveness there is no freedom.
      If the truth had come early, there would be no need for its pursuit.
      To all who may have been involved: tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, whatever it may be. Then, and only then can healing begin for everyone.

    • Realist is a Jackass says:

      How stupid do you feel now? The young boy DID tie those ropes because he confessed to it. The parents all these years knew about it, because they kept telling him to own up to his actions. The parents should be held accountable as well.

  29. Sean says:

    We want the truth and we want it now

  30. Standup4nick says:

    It is a momentus day, for there has been an arrest in CA of a juvenile (now 17) suspected of the homocide of Nick Parisot. Every one of us who have spoken up, lent our names and our pens and our time to the cause of bringing resolution to this horrible thing can know that the collective energy has brought about this change. The tireless and inexhaustible efforts of the Wilton Police Department can not be overstated or underestimated, and it is they who have honored Nick and his family with their badges and their efforts. Even when people were criticizing them for not bringing a faster resolution they were simply figuring out how to get it done.
    May this be the beginning of the real and whole truth, and of a healing for the community, and the families.

  31. Anonymous says:

    Five years ago today, Nick Parisot was taken from the world by an incomprehensible act by at least one other young person. Thanks to the tireless efforts of police on both coasts and the support of so many citizens who gave voice to their concern, an arrest was made last year. The legal system is in process, and we pray for resloution that will give the Parisot family and all concerned some peace and closure from this tragedy.
    Today, please remember Nick and his love of nature, and joyful way of living. May he be an inspiration to all of us to be grateful for what we have every day when we wake up in the morning.

  32. Delps says:

    Everyone bashing on Tully Knight STFU please do everyone the favor cause i know him he is a close friend and every time he tries to explain the story he has to tell people different stories so he can make friends with people, and if u are wondering there is a trial going and the family wants $50,000 from a 18 year old pocket, are you fucking crazy no matter how much money you get thats not going to bring your son back and its not going to make it better so just Stop you money hungry PIGS!

    • Delps says:

      i meant $500,000

      • Cary Nadel says:

        Hey Delps, You are a complete and utter asshole. That little shithead Tully Knight murdered my nephew Nick. I am Nick’s Uncle Cary. Our family does not want money to bring Nick back, Nothing will ever bring my nephew back or ease the pain my family, Nick’s friends, the family’s friends, and the greater Wilton community feels. That’s the court system’s decision. That little shithead and his disgusting parents until yesterday would not own up to the fact that the little psychopath intentionally strung a rope across a tree to maim and injure someone.

        As far as I’m concerned, the best the Knight family can do is to take their own lives. The delusional parents should never have the pleasure of holding, talking to, or seeing their kid ever again.

        The Connecticut court system screwed this one up. The last thing I want to hear is that little shithead kills someone again. All the little shithead got is 3 years probation for murder.

        My advise to you Delp, is to get off your soapbox and stop defending a murderous shithead!

  33. Standup4nick says:

    Important Public Hearing tomorrow at the Stamford Superior Courthouse at 2:00 PM

  34. Standup4nick says:

    There is a very important Public Hearing today at the Stamford County Superior Courthouse, 123 Hoyt Ave, Stamford, CT Room 6

  35. Standup4nick says:

    2:00 pm

  36. Standup4nick says:

    Today, at the Stamford Superior Courthouse, at 2:30 pm, Tully Knight admitted to being responsible for the death of Nick Parisot. http://connecticut.news12.com/news/tully-knight-admits-responsibility-in-2008-death-of-nick-parisot-1.10286831

  37. Standup4nick says:

    The police files, now released and public as part of the agreement, have been loaded into the ‘documents’ section on the site. Just click on the word “documents” to view them.

  38. Jpl says:

    Unfortunately, my daughter has become friends with Tully here in NC. He says he HAD to admit responsibility, but claims he had nothing to do with it. I can’t understand how his troubles here did not violate his probation! Guess if you have the money, everything is possible! What a horrendous miscarriage of justice. May peace be with your family.

    • Cary Nadel says:

      Hello JPL, Thanks for your kinds words. I’m sure the Connecticut authorities would like to know of the trouble the kid is causing in NC. Please enlighten us or point us in the right direction. The kid is full of shit for what he had told people down there. Hopefully you’ll be able to help your daughter see the light and distance herself from the psychopath.

  39. Standup4nick says:

    Dear JPL,
    It must be very concerning to you that your daughter is friends with Tully Knight. Please email standup4nick@gmail.com for more information that could be helpful to you.

  40. Wilton Grandmother says:

    What a tragedy for both families. No doubt in my mind that this a horrible mistake that a young man will pay for dearly. All around town there are whispers of how disgusting the pursuit of this case has been. The relentless harassment of the Knight family in the face of a horrible horrible tragedy. Let’s stand up for justice and remember that what is happening here is the destruction of two very innocent lives.

  41. Standup4nick says:

    Dear Wilton Grandmother,
    What is tragic is how you seem to feel that this “mistake”–the planning, executing and deliberate intent to harm an innocent young boy—this ‘mistake’ as you say, resulted in the devastating loss of somebody very, very dear to many people. He was a cherished son, grandson, nephew and brother and he lost his life because Tully Knight and Sam Bell decided that it would be fun to tie a rope across a path that they knew kids rode their bikes on, and watch what happened. And that’s the best case scenario. The tragedy for the Knight family was not that Tully killed Nick Parisot-that should be the tragedy but it was that they were not allowed to just run away. It is abominable that you suggest that they should not have been pursued–are you kidding? A child died, and someone was responsible for that. Read the evidence. It’s all there. Had the Knights had any cognizance of the real tragedy–the loss of Nick’s life–they would have understood the pain that caused the Parisot family and the community of Wilton, and they would have stood tall and cooperated. Explained. Apologized. But they thought only of themselves– hoping the whole thing would ‘go away’ so their son could go on with his life, despite the fact that he took the life of another.

  42. Cary Nadel says:

    Thinking of you today Nick, watching down from up above.

  43. Derek says:

    Thought tully knight was prohibited from using social media? Check out his Instagram account and Facebook account…

  44. Johnny B (from TP) says:

    Greetings. I’m writing a comment to just describe a recent experience I just had with Mr. Sam Bell. I very recently (and albeit foolishly) became acquaintances with this young man after meeting him in New Haven, CT. The circumstances surrounding this aren’t relevant, but I noticed something. After he realized that I am a relatively compassionate person, I witnessed Mr. Sam Bell put on an extremely manipulative facade that almost succeeded in brainwashing me into believing he was harmless – but I saw through it. It wasn’t long before I realized that Mr. Bell would be the most contrived, bourgeoisie, self-congratulating, self-indulgent and decadent empty husk of a person I ever had the misfortune of facilitating. Make no mistake – based on my short time knowing him, I can tell that he is, and will always be, a sociopathic and uncaring, self-insisting young man. I can very clearly understand now how he and Mr. Knight took the actions that resulted in Nick’s unfortunate death. I have since cut all ties with Mr. Bell after learning about his past actions, but I warn you all – he is still causing mayhem among those he knows. That is all.

  45. jordan says:

    Tully Knight will be in NC Iredell County court soon for DUI. Probation violation?

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